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Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP® CRM

The Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP® CRM solution equips your sales professionals with the tools they need to increase revenue, accelerate buying decisions, and maximize team productivity while on the go.


Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM

Sybase has made mobile sales for SAP CRM even more appealing by:

  • Carefully designing the feature set and user interface so that it is immediately intuitive to sales people. CRM specialist John Appleby at Bluefin, the United Kingdom’s largest dedicated SAP consultancy, says, “You give it to a sales person, and they really get it.”
  • Building the mobile sales product on an application development platform that is hardware independent. This means companies do not need to standardize on one mobile phone manufacturer for their business applications, and users can continue using their own favorite phones at work without having to carry around and learn how to use a second phone.


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